After School Program

Hoop it out! (K-12)


The Hoop It Out After School Series will take your entire school on an action-packed, fun-filled health and fitness journey inside the hoop. Students will learn over 30 hoop tricks (depending on the age groups) with fun dance music and the coolest dance moves- all while gaining confidence, endurance, coordination, and team building skills.


These interactive hoop classes are designed for a smaller group setting of up to 30 students (depending on the space). Enjoy 60-minute segments with a Certified Hoop Dance instructor for your  class instruction. Based on the age of participants, hoop dance moves and hula hoop games will be provided to encourage movement in a non-traditional form. Hoop Dance is considered a creative movement art. Hoops are provided in different sizes and weights to ensure that each child is successful. A professional hoop dance performance will be provided at the end of each session. Designed for a full day at your school so each class gets to participate! Cost: $200/hour (up to 30 kids) or $10 per student with a minimum of 10 students.

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